Oh no - not the scales...

Scales and Arpeggios Practise Materials

Scales and Arpeggios Practise Materials

"Oh no - not the scales..."

This is quite often the reaction of students who would much rather play pieces than learn scales. While it's an understandable reaction, maybe we don't spend enough time explaining why we need scales and arpeggios in our lives. So why should we bother with them? Here are 4 reasons - and there are plenty more. 

  1. They give us a sense of key for the pieces we want to play. If we can negotiate a scale and an arpeggio in G major it will make pieces in that key much more readily accessible. 
  2. All music is moving by step or it is leaping. Scales are about perfecting steps: arpeggios are about securing leaps. 
  3. Scales and arpeggios encourage us to play with even rhythm and with even tone.
  4. Help improve dexterity and refine playing technique.

So living with scales and arpeggios helps us to deliver both technically and expressively in pieces. At Music Matters we are now rolling out sets of films to assist with the learning of scales and arpeggios. Watch this space...!